Preparing students for future success is about connecting and reconnecting students to their “why.” For many students, the pandemic impacted their ability to envision their long-term plans. For example, the America’s Promise survey conducted nationally in 2021 found that four out of five 11th and 12th graders reported the pandemic impacted their post-high school plans and one in five reported their plans were impacted a “great deal.” Students, particularly those being asked to participate in intensive tutoring and after-school and summer programming, need to see a connection between their learning and their future. Connecting students to college and careers is an important strategy for Ohio. The state is investing in initiatives designed to accelerate learning by helping students see a connection between school and their future of choice, whether it be military, career or college.

Featured image for P-20 PartnershipsP-20 Regional Partnerships Connecting Workforce to Education

($2 million)

Recognizing that Ohio students may face workforce barriers created by misalignment, lack of coordination or gaps in services among a region’s education, workforce and community organizations, the P-20 Regional Partnerships bring together the leaders of education, social services, business, nonprofit and community organizations to strengthen the education pathway for all children in the community. With an eye to ensuring all students attain a high-value credential or postsecondary degree, these partnerships focus on a region’s specific needs. Partnership participants will focus on improving student outcomes in the following ways: preschool to grade 5 reading levels aligned to Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement; literacy supports for students in grades 5-12 who are not yet reading at grade level; and preparing students for "One-Goal" transitions to either post-high-school learning (two- or four-year degrees, apprenticeships, adult career-tech), enlistment in military service or attainment of a livable wage career or meaningful, self-sustaining vocation. 


Featured image for Innovative Workforce Incentive ProgramInnovative Workforce Incentive Program

($13.5 million)

The Innovative Workforce Incentive Program is designed to expand student access to high-growth, in-demand fields and provide new opportunities for the next generation of the workforce. These funds are being used to assist schools and districts in creating credential programs aligned to Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs List, including information technology and cyber security, advanced manufacturing, construction, engineering and skilled trades. Students will gain relevant and in-demand skills, preparing them for the future. Visit the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program webpage to learn more.


Featured image for Amplifying Graduation PathwaysAmplifying Ohio's Pathways to Graduation

($1 million)

In March of 2022, the Ohio Department of Education awarded $1 million to 10 educational entities throughout the state through the Amplifying Ohio’s Pathways to Graduation Grant. This grant aims to address gaps in graduation rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Awardees will use these funds to provide technical assistance to their selected target districts and for the purpose of opening more pathways to graduation, particularly increasing access to the career-readiness competency alternatives.

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