Student Recovery Dashboards

The Student Recovery Dashboards are tools designed to better understand the impact of the pandemic on Ohio’s students and progress towards academic recovery. The District Student Recovery Dashboards allow for a statewide view of public school students, as well as the ability to sort by public district. The School Student Recovery Dashboard allows for a building-level look at recovery data for public schools in Ohio, including community schools.

The introductory page of the dashboard captures key indicators such as enrollment, graduation, K-3 on track diagnostic trends, chronic absenteeism and proficiency scores. The tiles to the left allow users to take a deeper look at other contextual information, including ESSER spending rate, KRA data and early literacy.

The Student Recovery Dashboards illustrate many of the same trends documented in Data Insights reports. The challenges facing Ohio’s students are clear, as are the many efforts underway to help students succeed. Future Forward Ohio encompasses the state’s strategic priorities for helping students recover from the impact of the pandemic, with a focus on students who experienced the greatest disruptions to learning.
A dashboard only tells part of the story, click a button below to find highlights of how relief money is being spent to accelerate learning, help students overcome obstacles and prepare students for college and careers.