Assessments in Computer Science

Share Your Computer Science Activities

Computer science education is expanding in Ohio’s K-12 schools, and the Department would like to learn about and share the types of classroom activities Ohio’s schools are providing that align to Ohio’s Standards and Model Curriculum for Computer Science.

Please email John Wiseman or call (614) 728-7589 to share your success stories, best practices and resources.

On the Ohio Department of Education website, we use the terms testing and assessment in specific ways. Testing refers to Ohio's State Tests. Assessment refers to the many formative and summative assessments teachers and districts use to monitor student progress at the local level. Learn more by reviewing the table below.

Computer Science courses do not have Ohio State Tests.


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  • Helps educators and parents monitor students’ school progress
  • Shows where students may need additional help or practice
  • Allows teachers to adjust their instruction to meet students’ needs 

Assessment - Formative and Summative Assessments

We can define assessments as formative and summative, depending on their purposes.
  • Formative classroom assessments are strategies teachers use throughout the year to identify where students may need additional help or practice or when they are ready to move ahead in their learning. Rather than relying only upon traditional tests, teachers can use dozens of formative instructional practices to assess student progress. Then, they can adjust their teaching to meet students' needs. Learn more from resources below.
  • Summative classroom assessments evaluate student learning near the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against a standard.

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How to Design and Select Quality Assessments

The Ohio Department of Education, in conjunction with Battelle for Kids, is offering this support through activities aimed at helping participants enhance their “assessment literacy” skills.

Industry-Recognized Credentials

Industry-recognized credentials are designed to help students learn more deeply by practicing and applying their knowledge through work and employment experiences. Schools get credit in the Prepared for Success measure on the Ohio School Report Cards for students who earn approved industry-recognized credentials or groups of credentials. Including industry credentials in this component places an emphasis on the career readiness of students.

Industry-recognized credentials help validate the knowledge and skills of students and saves valuable time in assessing the skills of job applicants.

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