Financial Literacy in Elementary Grades

Ohio's Learning Standards

Educators creating the grades K-3 and 4-6 standards for financial literacy incorporated existing standards from social studies and mathematics to teach foundational concepts of financial literacy. Connections were made between the two content areas so teachers are given examples of how those content areas could be incorporated into their classrooms.

Ohio's Model Curriculum

The model curriculum provides guidance to educators as they teach with the standards. Educators in local school districts choose their own curricula. That means they plan the instruction and select the teaching techniques, textbooks and other materials for their students that will help them gain the knowledge and skills called for in Ohio’s Learning Standards.

Teams of teachers across the state helped develop the model curriculum and other related tools. State law does not mandate school districts use these guides. However, by doing so, educators will find in-depth descriptions explaining what the standards mean that will help them develop local curricula and instructional plans.

Last Modified: 10/14/2022 4:03:21 PM