Financial Literacy Standards

Ohio’s Learning Standards for Financial Literacy for students in grades K-12 now are available. During the winter and spring of 2018, Ohio educators representing diverse content areas such as social studies, family and consumer science, mathematics and business education updated the high school financial literacy standards and expanded the financial literacy standards to include grades K-8. Ohio’s Learning Standards for Financial Literacy were adopted by the State Board of Education in February 2018.

Ohio's Learning Standards in Financial Literacy (adopted 2018)

Ohio's Model Curriculum in Financial Literacy (adopted 2019)

Financial Literacy Licensure Advisory Committee 

The State Board of Education, at their April 11, 2023 meeting, approved the draft of the OAC 3301-24-30 Educator License Validation in Financial Literacy Instruction.  This rule will next be filed with the Joint Commission for Agency Rule Review for final adoption into the Ohio Administrative Code.  The Department is currently in the process of developing a financial literacy Ohio Assessment for Educators, as required by the rule, and will begin accepting applications for this new validation as soon as the examination has been adopted by the State Board of Education.

The Financial Literacy Licensure Advisory Committee was established by Senate Bill 1. The work of this committee is to advise the Ohio Department of Education about what an educator needs to do to become licensed to teach financial literacy. 
Committee Roster 

March 1, 2022 Meeting

May 24, 2022 Meeting

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