Financial Literacy in High School

Under Ohio law, students entering 9th grade on or after July 1, 2022, must earn one half credit of financial literacy as a graduation requirement.

  • These students can use the one-half credit of financial literacy as a substitute for a one-half credit elective requirement or a one-half credit of mathematics required for graduation.
  • The one-half credit of math cannot be Algebra 1 (or Math 1- if using an integrated approach), Geometry (or Math 2- if using an integrated approach), Algebra 2 or equivalent course, or Advanced Computer Science.
  • Students who use Advanced Computer Science coursework in place of Algebra 2 or an equivalent course for graduation cannot use the financial literacy one-half credit as a mathematics graduation requirement. These students may use the one-half credit of financial literacy to satisfy a one-half credit electives requirement.  

Ohio law states the study and instruction of financial literacy shall align with Ohio’s Financial Literacy Standards and Model Curriculum adopted by the State Board of Education in 2018 and 2019. In developing the curriculum for the study and instruction of financial literacy, schools may use available public-private partnerships and resources and materials that exist in business, industry and through the centers for economic education at higher education institutions.  

By the 2024-2025 school year, Ohio law requires educators with other licensure areas to have earned a licensure validation in Financial Literacy in order to teach the required course. Social studies, family and consumer sciences or business education teachers are not required to obtain the licensure validation but may do so if they choose.  

The State Board of Education, at their April 11, 2023 meeting, approved the draft of the OAC 3301-24-30 Educator License Validation in Financial Literacy Instruction.  This rule will next be filed with the Joint Commission for Agency Rule Review for final adoption into the Ohio Administrative Code.  The Department is currently in the process of developing a financial literacy Ohio Assessment for Educators, as required by the rule, and will begin accepting applications for this new validation as soon as the examination has been adopted by the State Board of Education.

Information on financial literacy instruction in Ohio, including a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document can be accessed by educators here

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