Fine Arts Model Curriculum

168648729_page.jpgThe K-12 Fine Arts Model Curriculum lines up with and expands on Ohio’s 2012 Fine Arts Learning Standards for dance, drama/theatre, music and visual art. The Model Curriculum along with the standards is intended to guide arts educators and school districts as they design instructional lessons and local courses of study.

The 16 links that follow provide access to the curriculum model by arts discipline and grade cluster. To view and access a document:

  • Select your arts discipline—dance, drama/theatre, music or visual art—along with the grade cluster of interest—K-2; 3-5; 6-8; and HS (High School).
  • Open the document and note it starts with the standards for your selected arts area and grade levels;
  • View the model curriculum by standard--hold your cursor over a standard blue code link (E.g. 1PE, 2PR) and click to open the related model curriculum page; or,
  • Open your selected document and scroll to view all the model curriculum pages for the arts discipline and grade levels. 
NOTE: Some of the links in the documents below may no longer be available. With the adoption of the learning Standards for Fine Arts, updated model curriculum will begin in the Fall of 2024.


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