Fine Arts Instructional Strategies

This page presents a sampling of strategies that will serve as good starting points for curriculum directors and teachers as they plan lessons. 

Depth of Knowledge 

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge

Webb's Depth of Knowledge Flip Chart

Additional Resources on Depth of Knowledge

Universal Design for Learning

Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) – Learn more here from this nonprofit research organization dedicated to using new technologies that provide better educational experiences for students with disabilities.

Universal Design for
Learning at a Glance


Universal Design for
Learning Guidelines

21st Century Skills Map for the Arts

P21's mission is to serve as a catalyst for 21st century learning by building collaborative partnerships among education, business, community, and government leaders so that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.

Ohio Arts Assessment Collaborative

The Ohio Arts Assessment Collaborative (OAAC), a consortium of arts educators, created an innovative suite of authentic assessments to measure student growth for K–12 dance, drama/theatre, music, and visual arts. These new assessments are aligned with arts education standards in Ohio. 

Pearltrees for Dance, Drama/Theatre, Music, and Visual Arts


Pearltrees is a free, visual and collaborative library for collecting, organizing, and storing web pages, files, photos, and other documents focused on a select topic. Teachers and other users can retrieve and share the online resources anywhere from their computers and mobile devices.

The Pearltrees featured here is focused on Ohio Arts Education and includes a variety of resource “pearls” for planning instruction and assessment in dance, drama/theatre, music, and visual art. There also are pearls for upcoming professional development offerings in the state.

If you are new to Pearltrees, select the “Using Pearltrees” grid first to help you get started. Then click on one of the arts discipline pearls and find helpful links to:

  • Lesson Design and Content
  • Digital Tools
  • Research and Advocacy
  • Professional Organizations
  • Careers
  • Cross-Disciplinary arts

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