Instruction and Assessment

These templates and resources for planning learning outcomes, assessments and instruction can help teachers create proficiency-based lessons and units that meet the needs of all learners. Materials are organized according to Backward Design principles.

Planning Learning Outcomes and Content

Assessment and Rubrics

Instructional Strategies

Intercultural Unit Samples and Templates

These sample units were created by Ohio teachers, using the ODE step-by-step Backward Design template and the model curriculum resources. Teachers took an intercultural learning outcome and created vertical unit plans across multiple proficiency levels. Whereas the units are available for French, German, Latin and Spanish learners, they can be used as a model for creating similar units for other languages.

NCSSFL-ACTFL Intercultural Reflections: Lessons and Can-Do Statements

The Self-Assessment Can-Do Versions are formatted as a list for learners to self-assess their own learning:


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