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♦  Interpretive Tasks Template - ACTFL Appendix D
This template can be used to create reading, listening or viewing tasks that use higher level thinking and literacy skills to deepen comprehension.

♦  Interpretive Tasks Rubric - ACTFL Appendix F
This rubric accompanies the Appendix D template.


The Ohio Department of Education is grateful to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages for granting permission to reprint these copyrighted resources. This information comes from the ACTFL publication, Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment:

Adair-Hauck, B., E. Glisan, and F. Troyan. 2013. Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment. Alexandria, VA: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Interpretive Tasks Comprehension Guide - ACTFL Template

This template provides teachers with guidance for creating both literal and interpretive comprehension tasks for an IPA. 

Literal comprehension tasks include:

  • key word recognition
  • main idea detection
  • supporting detail detection

Interpretive comprehension tasks include:

  • organization
  • meaning from context
  • inferences
  • author's perspective 
  • cultural perspective

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