How to Use the Model Curriculum

World Languages Model Curriculum Framework

Given the broad range of world language programs in Ohio, including the differences in length of program sequences, the age and proficiency level of learners, and the cultural and structural nuances of languages being taught, it would be impossible to write a single model curriculum that meets the needs of every educator and learner. 

With this in mind, the World Languages Model Curriculum is designed as a framework to help teachers create local standards-based coursework in which students build their language proficiency and intercultural competence throughout their learning experience. The extensive set of tools in the Model Curriculum strives to address the diverse needs of all educators and learners in Ohio's world language programs.

The templates and sample units below can provide optional guidance for planning yearlong courses, as well as developing units and lessons based on a communicative theme. 

Learn more about the Model Curriculum components:

Backward Design Tool for a Unit, Course or Curriculum

Teachers can use this sample template to design units for a yearlong, standards-based course or curriculum that incorporates the components of the Model Curriculum.

Backward Design of Units for a Course or Curriculum

Individual Thematic Design

Teachers can use this sample template to design a detailed thematic unit, using components of the Model Curriculum.

Unit Samples

These samples were created by Ohio teachers to show how to incorporate the components of the Model Curriculum into a cohesive unit plan. The samples encompass a broad range of proficiency levels, themes, topics and languages. All samples are written in English so that teachers can modify the unit plan to meet the needs of their learners, language or proficiency level.

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