Instructional and Authentic Resources

Teachers can find an extensive list of authentic audio, video, print and instructional resources, suggested by world language educators throughout Ohio.

Authentic Resources by Language, Theme and Topic

To truly assess proficiency, learners need opportunities to use their language in real-world situations, using authentic cultural resources (i.e., resources that are created by native speakers for native speakers). These lists of authentic resources are categorized by themes and topics, and include an explanation of each website and suggestions for how teachers can use it with their learners.

What Does Proficiency Look Like?

Sample speaking assessments by proficiency level

Samples for all skills and proficiency levels, by language

Finding Video, Audio and Text Resources

Find authentic and instructional resources on the internet, such as websites, video series, music, podcasts, and grammar and vocabulary practice websites for language learners.

Instructional Videos and Lessons

These websites provide sample materials, lesson plans and instructional videos for world language teachers.

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