Introduction to Learning Standards

Ohio’s Learning Standards for K-12 World Languages

Ohio’s Learning Standards for K-12 World Languages represent a research-based approach to language learning that prepares learners to use their language proficiency and intercultural competence to communicate effectively in a global society. Their implementation in world language programs around Ohio will help prepare students to be successful in both college and the workplace.

Guidance for Using Ohio’s World Language Standards

This section of the model curriculum contains research-based information and guidance to help Ohio educators better understand and implement Ohio’s Learning Standards for K-12 World Languages.

Guidance Document

Guidance includes:

  • Overview and philosophy of Ohio’s Learning Standards for World Languages
  • College and career readiness
  • Technology and digital learning
  • The importance of communicative language learning and use of the target language
  • Proficiency and research-based proficiency targets
  • Assessment in the world language classroom
  • Considerations for classical languages and American Sign Language
  • Alignment with Ohio’s Learning Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies

Comparison of the Current Learning Standards with the Former Academic Content Standards

These charts compare Ohio's Learning Standards for K-12 World Languages (2012) with the Academic Content Standards: K-12 Foreign Languages (2003):

Glossary of World Language Academic Terms

These are explanations of the terminology used in the learning standards, in the Model Curriculum, and in instructional practices in the world language classroom.

Glossary of Terms

Model Curriculum Development Committee Members

The Model Curriculum Development Committee is composed of twenty-one Ohio teachers, representing a broad range of languages, districts, demographics and language levels.  Committee members worked with the Ohio Department of Education to develop the framework for the Model Curriculum, gathered and vetted resources from world language teachers and stakeholders across the state, and provided feedback for all components of the Model Curriculum.

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