Global Education Resources

Global Education Resources

Global education prepares Ohio citizens to live, work and participate in the global economy. This page contains global education resources from the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio organizations and national and global entities. Click on a title to open a new window to go to each of these valuable online resources.

Ohio Department of Education Resources

  • Connecting Ohio Classrooms to the World - Students begin to understand the world and its people by meeting and interacting with people from other countries. This document offers tips on how schools can provide opportunities for students to broaden their horizons. 
  • Ohio Teachers Going Global - Ohio’s students need an education that will prepare them to thrive in a world where international connections impact many facets of their lives. This document suggests ways that educational programs can meet this challenge.
  • Global Education Rubric for Ohio Schools - Many Ohio schools are seriously considering the degree to which they are preparing students for the interconnected world of the 21st century. This rubric developed by Ohio’s International Education Advisory Committee can be used in evaluating the current status of international education in a particular school and planning for the future.
  • Foreign Language Advisory Council Recommendations - Foreign Language Advisory Council (FLAC) members were selected by the State Board of Education and charged by the legislature to develop a strategic plan to improve foreign language learning in Ohio. This document details their findings and recommendations.

Ohio Resources

  • Columbus Council on World Affairs - The Columbus Council on World Affairs sponsors a variety of events and initiatives designed to increase global competence and understanding throughout Central Ohio and beyond. Through the Global Scholars Diploma, the organization provides experiential learning opportunities for high school students. Over the course of three years in the program, students learn about global cultures, issues, and careers, culminating in an independent project in their final year. The Columbus Council on World Affairs also provides cultural competence training for educators through its Global Fluency Training program.
  • World Affairs Council of Northwest OhioThe World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio is a non-profit, non-partisan organization promoting awareness and engagement of world affairs in Northwest Ohio. The organization recognizes that there are numerous international initiatives underway throughout Northwest Ohio in education, higher education, community associations and business,. The organization’s mission is to improve the coordination and communication concerning these programs.
  • Cleveland Council on World Affairs - The Cleveland Council on World Affairs promotes understanding and engagement in international affairs in the Greater Cleveland region. In addition to hosting a variety of public events for adults featuring scholars and world leaders, the CCWA sponsors programs for students such as the Model United Nations program and provides a variety of links and online educational resources for use in the classroom.
  • World Affairs Council of Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky - Through global education, international exchange, and cultural awareness initiatives, the council strengthens Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s international identity and engages individuals with foreign affairs. In addition to providing information about upcoming internationally-focused events in the Greater Cincinnati metro area, this site provides details about numerous educational programs for students of all ages and professional learning opportunities for teachers.
  • International Democratic Education Institute at Bowling Green State University - The mission of the IDEI is to promote democracy and civic engagement around the world through education. Resources available from IDEI include lesson plans to help students learn about democracy, civil society, and tolerance. The site also provides information about civic education projects involving collaborations between IDEI partners from Ohio and abroad.
  • Global Education Outreach at The Ohio State University - The Office of International Affairs oversees many programs at The Ohio State University including the Study Abroad program, International Student and Scholar services, the Mershon Center for International Security Studies and five Area Studies Centers. It sponsors international education outreach programs and special events. Resources focus on language, culture, and current economic, political and social events. K-12 educators can take advantage of a host of education and learning resources: professional development workshops; study abroad opportunities; free loan libraries of videos, cultural boxes, and photo exhibits; and a speakers' bureau.
  • The Ohio Department of Higher Education: Study Abroad - Through its aggressive international education strategy, the Ohio Department of Higher Education is working to create even more opportunities with a goal of increasing the enrollment of Ohio university students studying abroad by 10 percent a year. Click here for the Digest of International and Global Dimensions of The Strategic Plan for Higher Education 2008-2017, which also includes information about Ohio’s recent global education efforts at the post-secondary level.
  • Export Assistance Division - Ohio Development Services Agency​ - This agency offers a variety of programs that help Ohio’s businesses and communities succeed. It promotes the export of “Made in Ohio” goods and services, supports Ohio companies in expanding international trade, and encourages foreign investment to help create jobs and promote economic growth. The site provides resources and program information for business leaders as well as data on foreign trade and investment of interest to all Ohioans. The agency’s  Ohio Exports Report provides an annual executive summary related to the state’s merchandise exports.
  • The Ohio State University MidWest US-China Flagship Program - The K-12 Program partners with elementary and secondary schools throughout Ohio and the Midwest to establish effective Chinese language programs. It provides assistance with curriculum development, teacher training, and technology support.

National/Global Resources

  • Asia Society Center for Global Education - The Center for Global Education at Asia Society has a vision that, in an interconnected global era, all youth from all countries and cultures will have the capacity to create, participate in, and benefit from a peaceful and prosperous world. The Center works to accomplish this vision through a variety of initiatives, professional development offerings, partnerships, working with educators, school districts, parents, and communities to ensure that they have the tools and support they need to globalize learning and better prepare young people for a global future.
  • Teaching for Global Competence in a Rapidly Changing World – The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Center for Global Education at the Asia Society have worked with academics, educators and stakeholders in the global education field for many years to define global competence for primary and secondary education. This new publication from both organizations sets forward a new framework for global competence and provides practical guidance and examples of how educators can embed global competence into their existing curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Mapping the Nation - This classroom resource presents economic, demographic and education data at both the state and county levels to show international connections for every county in the U.S. – from jobs tied to global trade and immigrants with rich linguistic resources, to the billions of dollars contributed to our economy by international students studying here. With almost one million data points and more than 50 info graphics, this robust research tool has many potential uses for grades 4–12 and beyond.
  • Longview Foundation for Education in World Affairs and International Understanding - The Longview Foundation provides support and leadership for international education initiatives around the U.S. This site provides links to innovative programs sponsored by the Longview Foundation. The Longview Foundation has supported international education in Ohio by providing financial support for the International Education Advisory Committee, sponsoring international education events including the first Ohio International Summit for Education, and providing funding for the Ohio Department of Education and iEARN-USA to pilot online international collaborative learning projects in Ohio schools.
  • Peace Corps Coverdell WorldWise Schools - The Coverdell WorldWise Schools program site, hosted by the Peace Corps, offers lesson plans to help teachers integrate international content into their classrooms. The site also helps teachers connect with past and present Peace Corps volunteers around the world willing to share their first hand experiences international experiences with students.
  • Teachers’ Guide to Global Collaboration - This site, originally developed by the U.S. Department of Education, provides a repository of information and resources on global collaborative learning. Sample projects, planning resources, and links to organizations that facilitate global collaboration between students are provided.
  • iEARN-USA - iEARN-USA, the American affiliate of the International Education and Resource Network, facilitates communication and collaboration between teachers and students around the world, primarily through Web-based projects. The Ohio Department of Education and several partner districts around the state are piloting iEARN-based projects this year with support from the Longview Foundation.

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