Highlighting District Strategies for Success

Highlighting District Strategies for Success

Districts and schools throughout Ohio are continually creating and implementing strategies to break down barriers to student learning

Here is a recording from the April 5, 2017 webinar featuring Gallia County Local Schools and Dayton Early College Academy and their successful strategies to break down barriers to student success. Please excuse the echo at the beginning of this recording. The audio is adjusted five minutes into the video.

The Department invites your district or school to join Highlighting District Strategies for Success network. Share strategies you are using for student success and to connect with those in our state interested in continuing the conversation about this strategy. Learn about strategies that other districts and schools are using to tackle a barrier to learning that you have identified for your students. The network is where districts will learn and grow from each other.

To share your strategy for success, please complete this five-question survey. The questions are:

  1. What is the problem your district/school faced in improving student progress in learning?
  2. What and why did you choose the solution that you are implementing?
  3. How is technology incorporated into the solution?
  4. Which students does the solution impact?
  5. What evidence will you use to know the solution is working to improve student progress?

Selected districts will work with the Department to create and share a highlight presentation featuring their approach, solution, and current or anticipated evidence of success.

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