Professional Development

Teacher professional development

The Dyslexia Support Laws require all kindergarten through third grade teachers, as well as teachers providing special education instruction to children in kindergarten through grade 12, to complete professional development on identifying characteristics of dyslexia and understanding pedagogy for instruction of students with dyslexia. 

Requirements from the Ohio Dyslexia Committee 

The Ohio Dyslexia Committee is requiring educators to complete 18 hours of professional development aligned with the Ohio Dyslexia Guidebook. This professional development will support educators in identifying characteristics of dyslexia and understanding the pedagogy for instruction of students with or at risk of dyslexia. 

Professional Development Training 

Each professional development option is evidence-based and includes instruction and training for identifying characteristics of dyslexia and understanding the pedagogy for instructing students with dyslexia as required under ORC 3319.077. The list was developed by the Department in collaboration with the Ohio Dyslexia Committee pursuant to ORC  3323.25 and 3319.077. This list is subject to change to align with the version of the guidebook that will be approved by the State Board of Education. Check back frequently for updated information.

Note to providers: This is not an endorsement process, and no course provider should market themselves as offering an Ohio Department of Education endorsed course.  

Timeline for Completing Professional Development  

  • By the beginning of the 2023-2024 School Year: Kindergarten and First Grade (ALL licensed teachers) 
  • By the beginning of the 2024-2025 School Year: Second and Third Grade (ALL licensed teachers) 
  • By the beginning of the 2025-2026 School Year: Fourth through Twelfth Grade (Intervention Specialists) 

Note: Any professional development previously completed by a teacher that is included on the list of approved courses counts toward the required 18 hours in approved professional development.  

Courses Accredited by the International Dyslexia Association 

Independent Training Programs and Higher Education Programs accredited by the International Dyslexia Association are approved to meet the professional development requirements of the Dyslexia Support Laws. Programs with Accreditation and Accreditation Plus status are recognized. Training programs that offer training similar trainings to those on this list are encouraged to apply for accreditation to provide additional high quality professional development options for Ohio educators.  

Courses approved for Structured Literacy Certification 

The Ohio Dyslexia Committee has provided a list of approved programs for Structured Literacy Certification. Educators completing at least 18 hours of this coursework will have met the professional development requirements. Completion of the course and practicum in full is required for Structured Literacy Certification.   


Training Provided by Instructors of Structured Literacy Certification Programs 

Individuals qualified to provide the coursework and practicum approved for Structured Literacy Certification by the Ohio Dyslexia Committee may develop and provide training courses for the purpose of this requirement. If the instructor is developing a course different from what is already approved through the Structured Literacy Certification program, the course must be at least 18 hours and include the content recommended by the Ohio Dyslexia Committee (outlined below).

Ohio Department of Education Dyslexia Course 

The Ohio Department of Education will develop and make available a free course to meet the professional development requirements. This course will be developed using the recommended content of the Ohio Dyslexia Committee and is expected to be available in late fall 2022.

The following outlines the 18 hours of content recommended by the Ohio Dyslexia Committee: 

  • Pre and Post Assessment for Participants  
  • What is Structured Literacy?  
  • Science of Reading Overview  
  • Defining Dyslexia and Identifying Characteristics of Dyslexia  
  • Multi-Tiered System of Support Overview  
  • Structured Literacy in Core (Tier 1) Instruction  
  • Using Data to Plan Instruction through Reading Profiles and Aligned Interventions  
  • Teaching Word Recognition  
    • Phonological awareness  
    • Basic phonics 
    • Advanced phonics (morphology, syllable types, etymology) 
    • ​Sight word recognition 
  • Teaching Handwriting  
    • Print / Manuscript 
    • Cursive 
    • Brief, explicit and systematic instruction 
  • Teaching Language Comprehension  
    • Language Structures (Syntax) 
    • Vocabulary 
    • Background Knowledge 
  • Fluency 
    • Rate 
    • Prosody 
    • Accuracy 
  • Comprehending Grade-Level Texts  


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