Early and Conventional Literacy: Supporting Learners in Kindergarten-Grade 5

A guide, Implementing Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement
A Guide for School Leaders, Grades K-5
, is available for school leaders to support the implementation of evidence-based practices in Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement for students in grades Kindergarten-Grade Five. District and building administrators play key roles in improving literacy outcomes in their districts. Meaningful change must address four key actions: Shared Leadership, Effective Literacy Instruction, Collaborative Problem-Solving and Tiered Systems of Instructional Support, Additional resources and tools for each component are available below as part of the Kindergarten-Grade 5 Toolkit.

For questions about Ohio's Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant, please contact ComprehensiveLiteracy@education.ohio.gov.

To access additional professional learning in literacy aligned to Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement and the School Leader’s Implementation Guide, visit Literacy Academy on Demand.

Shared Leadership

Effective Literacy Instruction

Essential Early Literacy Skills

Quality Instruction

Supports for Literacy at Home

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Tiered Systems of Instructional Support

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