The Department's sixth annual Literacy Academy was in-person on June 8, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus.

Literacy Academy 2023 Program

Session Number Session Title Presenter(s)
Keynote The Science of Reading Meets the Science of Instruction  Anita Archer
1.1 Project Ready! An Evidence-Based Preschool Curriculum
Maria Aielli, Rosie Warburg
1.2 Literacy Data Analysis: A Crucial Lever for School Improvement
Beth Rice, Sommer McCorkle, Heidi Gray
1.3 HB 436 Passed, Now What? Developing Internal Capacity to Support Our Students at Risk for Dyslexia Olivia Weisman
1.4, 3.4 Student-Focused Coaching:Helping Every Teacher Succeed
Jan Hasbrouck
1.5, 2.5 Ready, Set, Go! Next Steps After Universal Screening
Carolyn Turner
1.6 Background Knowledge: The Velcro to Which New Learning Sticks Jennifer Walker
1.7 Providing Reading Intervention for Students in
Grades 4-9: Overview of the IES Practice Guide

Kim St. Martin
1.8, 2.8 Providing for Struggling Readers in an Efficient Way: Considerations and Practices for Establishing Sustainable School-Wide Literacy Models at the Secondary Level Jade Wexler
1.9, 3.9 Literacy for English Learners: What’s Reading Science Got to Do with It?  Claude Goldenberg
1.10 The Science of Reading: Myths and Misconceptions Michelle Elia
1.11 Operationalizing a Literacy Plan to Support ALL Learners
Carrie Wood
1.12 Taking a Multi-Tiered Strategic Approach to Family Engagement in Literacy
Barbara Boone, Meredith Wellman, Hadley Bachman
2.1 The Science of Language and Learning in Early Childhood
Lucy Hart Paulsen
2.2, 3.2 Spelling Instruction that Sticks Michael Hunter
2.3, 3.3 The 6-Step Lesson Plan for Decoding,Spelling and Fluency Part 1 & Part 2
Heidi Beverine-Curry
2.4 The Power of Language: Building Strong Family and Community Partnerships
Juakita Bowens, Jen Griffing 
2.6, 3.6 Structured Literacy for English Learners: What Every Educator Should Know Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan
2.7 Advanced Word Study and Morphology Instruction  Jaqueline Dietrich
2.9 Selecting Instructional Routines Across the Disciplines to Support Successful Literacy Outcomes Roger Howard
2.10 What Do Literacy Leadership Teams Need to Know When Implementing Science of Reading Initiatives? Michelle Elia
2.11 Implementing Literacy Coaching: Leveling Up Stephanie Van Dyke
2.12, 3.12 Comprehension is an Outcome: Narrative
Comprehension is an Outcome: Informative
Anita Archer
3.1 How Am I Learning? Early Indicators of Later Literacy Learning and the Impact of Early Intervention
Lucy Hart Paulsen
3.5 Intervention Evolution: A Riverside Journey
Margo Shipp, Ellie  Johnson
3.7 Intensifying Literacy Instruction at the Elementary & Secondary Levels
Kim St. Martin
3.8 Analyzing Building and District Level Data to Impact Student Outcomes Rachel Wakefield
3.10 Leveraging the Power of Explicit Writing Instruction 
Amber Clay-Mowry
3.11 Teaching Vocabulary: More than Lists of Words and Definitions
Keith McCarroll


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