2024 Literacy Academy

The Department's seventh annual ReadOhio Literacy Academy took place in-person on June 10-11, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus.

 Literacy Academy 2024 Program 

Session Number Session Title Presenter(s)
June 10 
Reading Comprehension Revisited: Why Knowledge Matters Natalie Wexler
June 11
Is Your Ladder Against the Right Wall? Scaling the Work of Literacy Coherently, Responsibly, and Sustainably Tracy White Weeden
1.1 Spotlight on Implementation: Preschool Data-Based Decision Making Youngstown City Schools
1.2 Spotlight on Implementation: Improving Tier 2: Evaluating Your Current Practices and Determining Next Steps Clermont Northeastern Schools
1.3 Spotlight on Implementation: WHCSD Coaching Framework: The Warrensville Way Warrensville Heights City Schools
1.4 Spotlight on Implementation: Assessment and Intervention New London Local Schools and Amanda Nickerson
1.5, 2.5 Reading Fast or Reading Well? Let’s Take Another Look at Fluency Jan Hasbrouck
1.6, 2.6 Using an Adaptive Intervention Coaching Model to Support Teachers’ Implementation of a Multi-Component Text-Based Knowledge Building Routine Jade Wexler
1.7, 2.7 Unlocking Potential: Accelerating Reading Outcomes for Emergent Bilinguals in the Middle Grades Phil Capin
1.8 Spotlight on Implementation: Planning for Appropriate Intervention in Middle School Northmont City Schools and Pymatuning Valley Local Schools
1.9 Vocabulary Routines Keith McCarroll
1.10 Student-Focused Coaching: Collaborative Problem-Solving Process Daryl Michel
1.11 Spotlight on Implementation: Multi-Tiered System of Supports: Matching Students to Intervention Northridge Local Schools
1.12, 2.10 Using the Reading Tiered Fidelity Inventory (R-TFI) Data for Continuous Improvement Kim St. Martin
1.13 Spotlight on Implementation: Supporting Literacy Achievement for English Learners Dover City Schools
2.1 Spotlight on Implementation: Whole Child Family Supports  Schoenbaum Family Center - The Ohio State University
2.2 Sowing the Seeds to Writing: Writing Development at the Elementary Level Annette Gross
2.3 Leveraging the Science of Reading to Accelerate Gifted and Highly Skilled Readers Amanda Nickerson
2.4 Student-Focused Coaching: SAILS Framework Daryl Michel
2.8 Spotlight on Implementation: Models for Implementing Literacy Strategies School-Wide at the Adolescent Level Kent City Schools and New Lexington Schools
2.9 Scaffolding Your Instruction Resulting in Successful Comprehension Jodi Snyder
2.11 Considerations for Equitable Assessment of Literacy Skills in Multilingual Learners Amy Pratt
2.12 How Writing Instruction Can Revolutionize Education Natalie Wexler
3.1, 4.1 Boosting Young Children’s Vocabulary and Content Knowledge through Shared Book Reading Susan Neuman
3.2, 4.2 Understanding the Early Reading Brain and Classroom Implications Carolyn Strom
3.3 Spotlight on Implementation: Leading Literacy: How Leaders Can Coordinate District Resources to Improve Literacy and Professional Learning K-3 Heath City Schools
3.4 Spotlight on Implementation: Motivating Content Area Teachers to Engage in Literacy Instruction Canton City Schools
3.5, 4.5 Effective Literacy Tutoring Programs: Reading Ready and Reading Go Katie Pace Miles
3.6, 4.9 Embracing Reading Frustration for Success Hilderbrand Pelzer III
3.7 Accessing Complex Texts Katie Kilgour
3.8 Motivating Adolescent Readers and Writers: Strategies for Success Suzanne Kochheiser
3.9 Using Adult Implementation Data to Improve Instruction in Grades 6-12 Kelsi Edrington
3.10 Unlocking the Power of Words: Strategies to Support Comprehension Carolyn Turner
3.11 Spotlight on Implementation: Beyond Literacy Nights - Family Engagement Strategies Ashland City Schools, Fayette County Early Learning Center – Head Start, and Washington Court House City Schools
3.12 Gifted Learners in an Integrated Multi-Tiered System of Supports Tricia Merenda
4.3 Spotlight on Implementation: Collaboration in Early Care and Preschool Horizon Education Centers and Preschool Promise
4.4 Creating Word Conscious Classrooms through Intentional and Incidental Vocabulary Instruction Denise Malkovits
4.6 The 5 W’s of Adolescent Literacy Intervention Julie Haluch
4.7 Background Knowledge: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice Jennifer Walker
4.8 Leveraging the Power of Explicit Writing Instruction Nick Jacobs
4.10 Spotlight on Implementation: Shared Leadership - Using Teaming Structures to Support Literacy Implementation Gallia County Local Schools
4.11 Key Elements in Evidence-Based Interventions Carolyn Turner
4.12 Literacy, Family Engagement, and a New Social Contract with Parents Tracy White Weeden


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