Riverside Elementary Case Study

Case Study Overview

Riverside Local Schools Elementary School

Riverside Elementary, like many schools throughout Ohio, has taken steps to improve their literacy instruction over the past several years. After instituting a series of strategic and programmatic changes based on research, Riverside saw increases in student reading achievement. This case study tells the story of Riverside's path to successful reading instruction for all students. 


The Results

Riverside saw significant improvement in their Third Grade English Language Arts Proficiency data, moving from 50% in 2016 to 91% in 2019.

Riverside Elementary Grade 3 English Language Arts Proficiency, 2016-2019

graph shows that 3rd graders at Riverside Elementary almost doubled their proficiency in reading between 2018 and 2019 


Study Methodology

A team from the Region 8 Comprehensive Center, the Ohio Department of Educaton and State Support Team 6 conducted a case study to determine the keys to Riverside's success. A number of questions guided the study: 
  • What challenges did Riverside Elementary face in improving literacy outcomes at their building? 
  • What conditions enabled the educators to be successful? 
  • What structures, processes and strategies did Riverside Elementary take to improve literacy outcomes? 
  • What was the result of the changes made at Riverside Elementary? 
  • What lessons would Riverside educators pass on to others who want to implement similar changes? 
To complete the study, the team drew on interviews with eleven educators and one parent, documents and artifacts from Riverside, and data from the building, district and state. 

Navigating The Riverside Interactive Case Study 

The Riverside Case Study Infographic provides an overview of the case study.

The Riverside Case Study Reflection Companion is an optional document that will allow participants to capture their answers to reflection questions. It can also be used as a guiding document for a group discussion for educator teams that wish to engage with the case study together. 

The goal of this interactive case study is to help educators throughout the state of Ohio engage with the lessons learned from Riverside Elementary's work to improve literacy at their building. This is not meant to be a definitive guide for how to improve literacy in a building or district. The student demographics, community, opportunities, and challenges at Riverside are unique to the district. Use this case study as a starting point to begin asking questions about your own approaches and introducing yourself to helpful resources. 

There are six sections to this case study. Users can navigate through each section using the section buttons at the bottom of each page. They can also access each section through the Quick Links. 

Note: Specific programs referenced throughout the study are not an endorsement by the Ohio Department of Education. 

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