Reading Achievement Plan


Due to recent changes to Ohio’s School Report Card, no districts or community schools will be required to submit a Reading Achievement Plan to the Department by December 31, 2022. The Department will continue to support districts and community schools who seek assistance with implementing their current literacy plans. More information is forthcoming. Please send questions to

Reading Improvement Plans under Ohio Revised Code 3301.0715(G)

 Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code 3301.0715(G) ) requires districts to establish a Reading Improvement Plan when fewer than 80 percent of their students score proficient or higher on Ohio’s State Test for grade 3 English Language Arts. The district’s board of education must approve the plan before beginning implementation. Reading Improvement Plans are not required to be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education. 
Local school boards determine the deadlines, format and approval criteria for Reading Improvement Plans. The district’s school board also determines the parameters for any updates or revisions if a district submitted a plan previously. Please see this Questions and Answers page for more information about Reading Improvement Plans. For questions, please contact

Reading Achievement Plan Template and Guidance

Reading Achievement Plan Overview Webinar

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