Resources for Mathematics

Resources for Mathematics

The math resources below will deliver support to educators as they implement
Ohio’s Learning Standards. 

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Virtual Meetups: Math

The math content specialists in the Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies are scheduling virtual meetups in collaboration with various professional organizations across the state to support educators and administrators during extended remote learning. The purpose of the forum is to encourage educators and to give them a platform to network, share, and gain new skills or strategies to help students succeed during this unprecedented time. This aligns with the vision of Ohio Strategic Plan for Education, Each Child, Our Future which focuses on the whole child by empowering teachers to help their students to become resilient lifelong learners who contribute to society. These meetups help to facilitate discussions about equitable learning opportunities and practices for each child while partnering with educators and professional organizations to promote quality schools and student success.

The Department will co-host and publicize the meetups in conjunction with any guest facilitator who is sponsored by one of the local professional organizations. The virtual meetups will be scheduled across grade bands and content areas. 

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Partnering Professional Organizations

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Virtual Meetups Meeting Norms

All meetings will follow the suggested norms:

  • Be respectful.
  • Recognize that everyone has expertise.
  • Assume positive intent.
  • Seek clarification in language and ideas.
  • Share experiences.
  • Use the chat feature when you have a question.
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking.
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VIrtual Meetups Schedule

(Please note: each of these meetings has a 500 person max capacity.)
* All virtual meetup times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST) 

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Instructions on Zoom

Zoom video collaboration software enables teachers and students take part in high-quality, live, online learning opportunities. Zoom requires no special technology, and participants can use it on any platform including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebooks. Students situated remotely and lacking computers or smart devices still can receive audio instruction using a telephone. 

Zoom training opportunities for all Ohio school districts are available on the Department's website. Educators who would like Zoom training can attend the next Zoom as a Teacher-Host webinar series or watch any of the previously recorded webinars online. There is no fee or registration for the webinars. Find previous webinar sessions, additional remote resources, Zoom how-to videos and more information about INFOhio's free digital content and resources on the Management Council’s Community site supporting remote learning. For more information about the training, contact the Management Council or your local Information Technology Center
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Ohio's Professional Learning Resources 

Building Fact Fluency 

Building Fact Fluency Through Mathematical Storytelling featuring Graham Fletcher

Beauty in Building Fact Fluency with Addition and Subtraction in Kindergarten through Grade 2 featuring Barb Weidus, a Math Coach from Williamsburg Local Schools, and Brooke Lovely from Forest Hills Schools 

Beauty in Building Fact Fluency with Multiplication and Division in Grades 3-5 featuring Barb Weidus, a Math Coach from Williamsburg Local Schools, and Brooke Lovely from Forest Hills Schools

OTES 2.0 for the Math Community 

High Quality Student Data 

Best Practices in K-12 Mathematics for Gifted Learners Using Ohio’s K-8 Learning Progressions  

​Best Practices in K-12 Mathematics for Gifted Learners: Examining and Incorporating  National Guidance Documents

Ohio's Math Resources 

Ohio's Math Resources - This document combines ODE created resources with other resources created from outside of Ohio. The resources are aligned by grade band and include both technology and non-technology activities to use with students. 

ACT and SAT Alignment to the Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics 

Mathematical Modeling and Reasoning Course

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Resources Created by Organizations from Outside of Ohio 

These resources were created by professional organizations outside of Ohio and are not guaranteed to fully align to the Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics.  When reviewing these resources, educators can use the expectations for learning and content elaborations contained in the Model Curriculum to help make determinations on whether to use the materials with their instruction. 
  • Achieve the Core - These guides will help educators understand and implement the mathematics standards. They can use the guides as they observe teachers giving instruction and provide them with feedback that supports their planning and reflection.
  • Arizona Progressions - These narrative documents describe the typical learning progression of a topic, informed by both research on children’s cognitive development and the logical structure of mathematics.

  • Equip – Provides educators with tools to identify high-quality materials for use in classrooms and national examples of high-quality materials aligned to the standards.

  • The Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products (EQuIP) Rubric provides criteria to measure alignment and overall quality of lessons and units. 

  • Illuminations - This project by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics provides quality lessons and interactive resources for teaching and learning mathematics.  

  • Illustrative Mathematics – This site illustrates the range and types of mathematical work that students should experience as teachers use Ohio's Learning Standards in Mathematics. It also presents other tools supporting standards-based instruction.

  • Inside Mathematics - Educators can find exemplary standards-based lesson ideas on this site, as well as classroom videos. Teachers interested in the lessons can search under “performance task” for lesson ideas organized by grade and course.

  • K-2 Performance Level Descriptors -The K-2 Performance Level Descriptors (PLD) document by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) is a tool developed with input from Ohio educators. The K-2 PLDs serve as a tool that can help math educators identify student proficiency along a progression of learning during instruction. Therefore, when tasks are given to students, these performance level descriptors will help teachers make instructional decisions to help move their students’ learning forward. 

  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - The site contains manipulatives and concept tutorials across the grade bands.   

  • Teaching Channel - Provides guiding questions to use during planning and instruction. Classroom videos model best practices. Learning activities showcase rigorous problems that deepen conceptual understanding.  

  • YouCubed – Showcases research-based teaching methods, mathematics tasks, videos and ideas on how to bring about high levels of student engagement.

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