Tools for Educators to Help All Students

In many areas of study accessible from the Ohio Department of Education’s Learning in Ohio webpages, educators will find links for the following topics:

  • 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Ohio - The Ohio Department of Education has created a resource page for educators and school administrators on logistics and curricular approaches to educating students and the community about the eclipse, which will be visible in Ohio on April 8, 2024.  
  • Eye on Integration: Processes for Integrating Content Across Disciplines 
  • Meetups – The Ohio Department of Education is continuing virtual meetups in collaboration with various professional organizations across the state to support administrators and educators in each content area . The schedules for upcoming meetups and recordings of past meetups can be found on the Virtual Meetups for Content Area Educators page.
  • Standards – Educators will find vertical alignment documents that show how student’s knowledge or skill should increase in particular categories of the standards throughout several grade levels. Also see crosswalks and comparative analysis to show how the 2010 and 2017 standards differ.
  • Universal design – These resources help teachers tailor instruction for learners with disabilities, English learners and gifted students. 
  • Professional development – The Ohio Standards for Professional Development will help educators identify high-quality learning opportunities. 
  • Career connections – These materials will help teachers build students’ understanding of how their school work will relate to future jobs. 

Content Specific Resource Pages

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