Instructional Technology in Science

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Why integrate technology? 

Educators can use the instructional technology resources and models on this page to begin structuring lessons and units that include digital technology. Although there are many more comprehensive resources available, those appearing here are some examples of best practices for integrating technology into instruction. 

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

Video about the TRACK modelThis video from explains the TPACK model.

The resources in this section describe the TPACK model and show educators how to integrate technology using TPACK.

Substitution-Augmentation-Modification-Redefinition Model (SAMR)

SAMR can help the ELA teacher slowly integrate technology into their instruction at their comfort level.

Gamification in Education

Gamification in education brings the 21st century into learning. The resources below can help you get started.

Google Chrome Apps and Extensions for Reading and Writing

Google Chrome Apps and Extensions are digital tools that can make online experiences easier for students and teachers with extra functions and features. Watch the video below for an overview of Google Chrome apps and extensions usable in the classroom. Teachers can use the additional resources below the video for a deeper understanding of specific apps and extensions that help students with reading and writing.

Additional Resources

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