“East Asia and STEAM: A Seminar for Ohio AND Kentucky K-12 Educators”


The Ohio State University is offering a seminar to provide an introduction to East Asia; to gain the knowledge, resources, and expert guidance needed to incorporate or enhance curriculum about East Asia in the classroom.  This seminar will examine the major trends, global issues, and historic foundations that shape East Asian society. Focusing on the regions that comprise present day China, Japan, and Korea, the course will emphasize print media, visual culture, and archival collections whenever germane.  The course begins in the  eighth century with the rise of Buddhism, which promoted printed materials across borders and cultures, and it ends in the contemporary era, with a consideration of the role of new digital technologies and media in East Asia. 

The course will include an introduction to digital humanities scholarship and teaching in East Asia.  Drawing on diverse resources (readings, films, cartoons, and newspaper articles), special collections at  OSU Libraries, and the expertise of curators and scholars in Ohio, our course sessions will emphasize  collaborative, hands‐on learning experiences, and the development of K‐12 curricular tools.  
This opportunity is open to K-12 Ohio and Kentucky educators (pre-service and in-service teachers, librarians, administrators).  The 5-day seminar will be held on The Ohio State University, Columbus campus, Monday, June 15 – Friday, June 19, from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  Lunch and parking tokens will be provided daily; on-campus housing or travel support are provided free of charge upon request. Stipend and resource material upon completion of seminar requirements.
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