Monarch Habitat Guides from Monarch Wings Across Ohio


Monarch Wings Across Ohio Planting Guide Cover  

In response to the severe decline in Monarch populations across the U.S., Monarch Wings Across Ohio was created.  A grassroots effort in northeast Ohio, MWAO is an organization to protect and replenish Monarch butterfly habitats in Ohio.  MWAO has gathered several partners in Northeast Ohio and installed research plots in several different types of land use situations in Ohio to study the interactions of the monarchs in these situations.  After several years of gathering data, scientists from the Pollinator Partnership have used the data to create Monarch Habitat guides for Ohio home landscape gardens, farms, corporate lands and rights-of-way.  These planting guides  provide tips for preparing and managing your pollinator friendly planting, plant selection recommendations, resources for native plants.  Learn more about protecting Monarchs here in Ohio and  Get your FREE Habitat Guide