Model Curriculum for Social Studies

From the inception of the original model curriculum, educators statewide have helped the Department meet its obligation in state law to develop this resource. The purpose of Ohio’s model curriculum is to add clarity to the standards and to support educators in planning and implementing their local curriculum. The model curriculum is not a complete curriculum nor is it mandated for use.

Ohio's Model Curriculum for Social Studies, adopted June 2019

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce recruited teams of educators to develop the Social Studies Model Curriculum. Stakeholders commented on suggested changes to a draft of the K-12 Model Curriculum during a month-long survey that closed in September 2018. The Department incorporated these suggestions into the model curriculum, where appropriate. The State Board of Education adopted the Model Curriculum in June 2019.

The 2011 Social Studies Model Curriculum documents are available only upon request. Please contact the Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies at to request an electronic copy.

2019 Model Curriculum by grade level and course

Ohio's Model Curriculum for Social Studies K-12 (Adopted June 2019) | PDF

Grades K-8

High School

Kindergarten | PDF American History | PDF
Grade 1 | PDF American Government | PDF
Grade 2 | PDF Modern World History | PDF
Grade 3 | PDF World Geography | PDF
Grade 4 | PDF Contemporary World Issues | PDF
Grade 5 | PDF  
Grade 6 | PDF  
Grade 7 | PDF  
Grade 8 | PDF  

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