Ohio Social
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Ohio Social
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State organizations offering opportunities and resources


Ohio Council for the Social Studies offers free digital resources for online learning

The Ohio Council for the Social Studies (OCSS) has organized and posted resources to help students learn virtually.

The 64th OCSS Annual Conference will be presented virtually. The theme is “Preparing Energized and Engaged Democratic Citizens through Social Studies.” This online event will include sessions and panel discussions by leading researchers, practitioners and policymakers; networking opportunities with state and national leaders; and interactions and demonstrations with exhibitors and vendors. Visit the OCSS conference website for dates and registration information.

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education offers virtual resources and student showcases

OCLRE virtual events
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education (OCLRE) provided virtual program events in lieu of the canceled in-person program events. No matter what the next school year brings, OCLRE is committed to providing authentic civic education opportunities for Ohio's teachers and students. Please check the website and social media channels for updates, as well as resources to support teaching and learning.  

Additional OCLRE opportunities

  • Virtual Book Club - OCLRE is pleased to announce the launch of a virtual book club designed to foster a sense of community for teachers. Complete the book club survey and access resources to support distance teaching and learning.  
  • 2020 We the People Summer Institute - Join OCLRE July 6-9 for a free online summer institute for government and social studies teachers. Held via Zoom, the virtual 2020 We the People Summer Institute will provide educators with tools to teach the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other primary source documents in American history and government using the critically acclaimed We the People program. Participants will receive a $150 stipend and free classroom set of the We the People textbook. Applications are due June 15. For questions or more information, contact Kelly Masterson at kmasterson@oclre.org

Holocaust & Humanity Center offers opportunities for virtual learning and professional learning

The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust and Humanities Center created components to help teachers and parents work with students online.

Holocaust Studies for Educators will provide live online sessions featuring leading experts in the field of Holocaust studies, testimony of local Holocaust survivors, and discussion about best teaching practices for Holocaust education. All of the content teachers have received in person is available in an online format. These live sessions will take place over five weeks, beginning July 6, on Mondays and Wednesdays with presenters and breakouts. Zoom interaction will be limited to 4.5 hours a week and recorded for those who cannot make the live sessions. On Wednesdays, there will be Holocaust survivors or their family members speaking live and taking questions. The training is designed for secondary educators currently teaching in the classroom. Registration is required.

  • Registered participants who are currently teaching in the classroom will receive a copy of Doris Bergen’s War & Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust and two tickets to the museum to use when it reopens.
  • 40 contact hours are available.
  • Cost for the training is $100. 

For more information, contact Jodi Elowitz, Director of Education & Engagement at jelowitz@cincyhhc.org

INFOhio provides resources aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards

INFOhio has resources to help with teaching remotely. The resources are organized by grade band. It also offers Educator Tools, Professional Development opportunities and more.

Ohio History Connection offers “Learn at Home” resources

The Ohio History Connection has posted a “Learn at Home” webpage that has a number of engaging and educational history resources that teachers and families can use for online learning. The resources are organized into grade bands, from kindergarten through grade 12.

2020 Census Resources for At-Home Learning

The U.S. Census Bureau is providing easy-to-use resources for parents and caregivers.

  • Home and Distance Learning Activities page - The Statistics in Schools (SIS) website has a new page dedicated to at-home and distance learning. The page provides a variety of resources and materials — videos, fun facts, warmup activities and more — for various grade levels that are easy to use at home. SIS resources help students bring census data to life and learn more about their communities, states and country. These materials will help parents and caregivers ensure their children are engaged, learning and having fun during this time. As appropriate, use this link to share the new page with educators and families in your state.
  • Response Rate Map - Students can stay up to date on how many people in their communities have completed the census. Tell parents and caregivers they can use the response rate map with students at home to complete the following activities: Check the map each day for the latest completion rates for the state or community and create a chart or other graphic to track the increases. Track how their community’s response rate compares to the rates of other communities in the state or compare their state to other states. Use social media to encourage friends and family to complete the 2020 census. Students can motivate others by sharing the response rates map and using Census Bureau images created for social media. If students are too young to have their own social media accounts, you may want to specify this should be done by an adult.
  • Participate in the online community - Educators interested in connecting with others using SIS resources in their at-home lessons can join the SIS community on the “Participate” online community platform. This is an excellent way to get new ideas, resources and personalized support from Statistics in Schools.

MAPS Air Museum offers free videos for American history

The MAPS Air Museum is located in Green, Ohio. It has aligned three videos to the high school American history standards.

  • Presentation 1: Change - This program was designed to support Ohio American History Content Statement 21. It deals with how World War II changed American society or started the process of change. Specifically, the program addresses change for four groups: African Americans, Native Americans, Japanese Americans and women.Also included in the program is how the concept of wartime rationing impacted an entire generation of Americans.
  • Presentation 2: History - This video was designed to support Ohio American History Content Statement 3. The event that is covered is the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. The video looks at that event not only from the perspective of the United States but also from the perspective of Japan.
  • Presentation 3: Isolationism - This video was designed to support Ohio American History Content Statement 20, which addresses the concept of isolationism. While specifically focused on non-interventionist leanings of the United States between World War I and World War II, it also looks at the history of isolationism from the founding of the nation. In addition, it examines how countries and other world leaders of the period between the wars could have interpreted non-interventionist tendencies of the U.S.

Ohio museums with virtual programming, education activities, tours and events

In response to COVID-19, many museums across Ohio are offering virtual programming through online education activities, tours and livestream events that can be enjoyed outside of museum walls. 

Celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage

The 19th amendment that granted women the right to vote was ratified Aug. 18, 1920, and Ohio is celebrating this event. Classroom resources from the National Archives, Library of Congress, National Park Service, PBS and Smithsonian can be found on the Women’s Vote Centennial website.
The Ohio History Connection’s exhibit, Ohio Women Vote: 100 Years of Change, is a traveling exhibit and available for schools and other organizations. The Ohio Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission webpage has a list of events occurring throughout the year.