Standards and Model Curriculum Revision: Overview

Latest News – Standards Revision

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Ohio’s Learning Standards outline the skills and knowledge that will help students become ready for success in college and careers. Ohio educators have gained valuable experience with the standards since they began teaching with them several years ago. With their help and the public’s, the Ohio Department of Education & Workforce is fine-tuning Ohio’s standards in several areas of study.

This page provides information about the revisions to Ohio’s Learning Standards and Model Curricula. The links below allow you to see the status for each group of standards and model curriculum, technology, fine arts, and world languages.

ORC 3301.079(B)(3):​ All school districts, community schools, and STEM schools may utilize the state standards and the model curriculum.

Revision Timeline: Ohio's Learning Standards and Model Curriculum

When the Department adopts newly revised standards and/or model curriculum, districts should implement a transition plan within the next school year.

District considerations for implementation:
  • Complete a standards alignment analysis;
  • Align district-level assessments;
  • Provide professional learning opportunities for educators; and
  • Select and implement local curriculum.
The Department provides transition tools and professional learning to support districts with this implementation. The following standards and model curriculum are currently in the revision process.

Student Interactions with Peace Officers

Winter 2021-Fall 2024: Model curriculum

World Languages & Cultures

Spring 2020-Fall 2024: Model curriculum revision

Adopted Learning Standards

Computer Science, July 2022
English Language Arts, Feb. 2017
Financial Literacy, Feb. 2018
Fine Arts, May 2024
Library Guidelines, Jan. 2021
Mathematics, Feb. 2017
Physical Education, July 2015
Science, Feb. 2018
Social Studies, Feb. 2018
Technology, April 2017
World Languages & Cultures, March 2020

Adopted Model Curriculum

Computer Science, Sept. 2022
English Language Arts, Feb. 2018
Financial Literacy, Dec. 2019
Mathematics, Feb. 2018
Science, May 2019
Social Studies, June 2019
Technology, July 2022

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