Standards and Model Curriculum Revision: Overview

Latest News – Standards Revision

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Ohio’s Learning Standards outline the skills and knowledge that will help students become ready for success in college and careers. Ohio educators have gained valuable experience with the standards since they began teaching with them several years ago. With their help and the public’s, the Ohio Department of Education is fine-tuning Ohio’s standards in several areas of study.

This page provides information about the revisions to Ohio’s Learning Standards and Model Curricula. The links below allow you to see the status for each group of standards and model curriculum, including those for several career-technical programs, technology, fine arts and world languages.

Learning Standards and Model Curriculum Revision Process

Revision Timeline: Learning Standards and Model Curriculum


Computer Science

Standards and Model Curriculum Revision  Fall 2021 - 2022


   Model Curriculum revision Winter 2019 - 2021


   Model Curriculum revision Spring 2020 - 2021
   Full implementation of learning standards and model curriculum 2021 – 2022 school year

Fine Arts

   Standards revision December 2018 - 2021
   Full implementation of learning standards and model curriculum 2021 – 2022 school year

Career Tech

   Career Field Content Standards Revision Dates vary per content

Approved Learning Standards

Content Area Approved Learning Standards
Computer Science Standards, approved December 2018
English Language Arts Standards, approved February 2017
Financial Literacy Standards, approved February 2018
Mathematics Standards, approved February 2017
Science Standards, approved February 2018
Social and Emotional Learning Standards, approved June 2019
Social Studies Standards, approved February 2018
Technology Standards, approved April 2017
World Languages and Cultures Standards, approved March 2020

Approved Model Curriculum

Content Area Approved Model Curriculum
Computer Science Model Curriculum, approved December 2018
English Language Arts Model Curriculum, approved February 2018
Financial Literacy Model Curriculum, approved December 2019
Mathematics Model Curriculum, approved February 2018
Science Model Curriculum, approved May 2019
Social Studies Model Curriculum, approved June 2019

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