Parental and Guardian Review of District Curriculum

Ohio law gives parents and guardians the right to review the curricula taught in their children’s schools. This page highlights state and local responsibilities for the development and implementation of learning standards and curriculum, as well as parents’ or guardians’ legal right to review at the local level.

State Responsibilities

The State Board of Education of Ohio and Ohio Department of Education are charged with the development of academic learning standards and model curriculum. Ohio’s Learning Standards, model curricula and resources are major components of the state’s education system that work together to help students learn. While state law does not mandate that school districts use the standards or model curricula, the standards and model curricula are valuable resources for districts that choose to rely upon them. More information and many resources on these aspects of the learning process can be found at Learning in Ohio.


Learning Standards and Model Curricula

Ohio’s Learning Standards explain the knowledge and skills students are expected to know in prekindergarten through grade 12. Ohio’s Model Curricula provide guidance to educators as they teach with the standards and create aligned assessments at the classroom or district level.


Local/District Responsibilities

The board of education of each city, exempted village and local school district and the board of each cooperative education school district established pursuant to section 3311.521 of the Revised Code shall prescribe a curriculum for English language arts, geography, history, mathematics, natural science, health education, physical education, fine arts, including music, and first aid (see Ohio Revised Code 3313.60(A) for more details). This means a district is responsible for the selection and implementation of instructional materials and resources.


Parental or Guardian Review

Parents and the leaders of districts and buildings should be aware Ohio law gives parents and guardians the right to review the curricula taught in their students’ schools. Parents or guardians may request to examine any of the following:

  • Any survey or questionnaire prior to its administration to the child;
  • Any textbook, workbook, software, video or other instructional materials being used by the district in connection with the instruction of the child;
  • Any completed and graded test taken or survey or questionnaire filled out by the child;
  • Copies of the statewide academic standards and each model curriculum developed pursuant to section 3301.079 of the Revised Code, of which copies shall be available at all times during school hours in each district school building.
A district must comply with these parent or guardian requests in a timely manner. Parents or guardians who would like to examine any of the items listed above should work with their children’s classroom teachers and, if necessary, building or district administrators to satisfy their request.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact their children’s teachers and school administrators with any questions about their children’s learning. Send additional questions to

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