Model Curriculum for Technology

Model Curriculum offers local educators in-depth guidance about Ohio’s Learning Standards. It also explains related skills and knowledge students are to learn in each grade and course. The purpose of Ohio’s Model Curriculum is to provide clarity to the standards, as well as information to assist educators in planning and implementing their local curricula. The model curriculum is not a complete curriculum nor is it mandated for use.

About Ohio's Model Curriculum for Technology

Following the adoption of Ohio’s Learning Standards for Technology, educators from across the state formed into advisory and working groups that drove the process to develop Ohio’s Model Curriculum for Technology. Educators, parents and community members had the opportunity to provide feedback during a public comment period on the draft model curriculum developed by the advisory and working groups. Comments received from the public and a review by the advisory group guided the working group’s revisions to the draft model curriculum. After completing the revision process, Ohio’s Model Curriculum for Technology was presented to the State Board of Education and adopted in July 2022. Through this process, the model curriculum reflects best practices, the expertise of many Ohio educators and the varied perspectives of Ohio residents.



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