Guidance for Online and Technology-Based World Language

Guidance for Online and Technology-Based World Language

The increased availability of online courses and commercially available products in the past 10 years has given language learners greater access to a wide range of nontraditional language-learning options. This resource guide briefly examines the essential components of effective online world language courses and commercially available language-learning products in three contexts:

  • Today’s world language learners;
  • The increased emphases on credit flexibility and accountability; and
  • Best practices in the field of world language study.

It also presents a number of questions that should be posed by those individuals charged with selecting online language learning options and commercial products to help determine their appropriateness for student use.

We hope you find this resource helpful and easy to use as you increase the language-learning options available for use by your students. By examining the quality and appropriate use of online and commercially available resources, you can ensure the development of students who are linguistically and culturally prepared to meet the demands of college and the workplace in the 21st century. Click on the link below to open the PDF.

Last Modified: 8/29/2018 3:18:11 PM