Content Elaborations

Understanding the Content Elaborations

Content Elaborations are concepts that extend the Ohio World Languages and Cultures learning standards and bring more clarity and richness to the learning content by providing a context to build learners’ communication skills and intercultural knowledge. 

Components of the Content Elaborations

Download the 2023 Content Elaborations (Draft)

  • Themes, topics and essential questions, vertically aligned from Novice Low to Advanced Low proficiency levels
  • Alignment to Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate content
  • Guidelines for using the Content Elaborations to create content and plan curricula
  • Links to sample intercultural units and templates, reflection questions, authentic resources and instructional strategies in the model curriuclum
Learn how to plan using Backward Design for world languages

Proficiency Targets

Proficiency Targets for Languages: These research-based recommendations are designed to provide local schools and districts with the informed guidance needed to set rigorous yet attainable proficiency targets for their language students. These proficiency targets are not state-mandated. District decision-makers ultimately must consider the nature of their programs and establish targets that challenge learners, yet remain obtainable given their student population. Schools and districts may also want to consider the differentiation of targets to meet the needs of all types of learners.

2013 Content Elaborations

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