Elementary and Immersion Resources

Resources for elementary and immersion language programs and for teaching young language learners

  • ​L2TReC:  Resources for elementary and Novice learners, organized by language, from the University of Utah's Second Language Teaching and Resource Center.
  • NNELL 20:  Resources for elementary and Novice learners, organized by language, from the National Network for Early Language Learning.

  • PBS Learning Media:  Video programs for Novice and young language learners, in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish​.

  • Videoele:  Activities for learning Spanish.
  • Dual-Language Immersion: Research on the benefits of immersion education; program types; and considerations when implementing an elementary language immersion program (Virginia Department of Education).
  • Strategies for Teaching Young Learners (coming soon)

Last Modified: 11/14/2022 9:26:26 AM