Ohio’s business community is involved and invested in preparing students for their futures through building school partnerships, participating in career readiness initiatives and offering work-based experiences.

Partnerships. SuccessBound school-business partnerships provide students with the tools, experiences and resources they need to land their dream jobs. These partnerships give businesses access to key decision-makers in the community, which allows businesses to amplify their impact.

Career Readiness. Businesses work with schools to expose students to jobs, workplace environments and work expectations. Businesses offer site tours, field trips and work-based experiences. Employers visit classrooms and talk with students about their career journeys to get students excited about career possibilities.

Work-based experiences. Businesses offer work-based experiences such as job shadowing, apprenticeships and internships. Work-based learning enables businesses to develop their local talent pipelines and reduce training costs. Students begin to link learning to earning as they connect their classroom experiences with the world outside of the classroom.

Building a SuccessBound Community: Business Toolkit

The Business Partners Toolkit is designed to help business leaders who are in the initial phases of school-business partnerships to those who have well-established partnerships. The resources provide many tools for businesses to support the goal of ensuring students across Ohio are SuccessBound!


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