Ohio educators are preparing students for their dream jobs through partnerships, education, experience and skills.

Partnerships. SuccessBound celebrates and promotes useful and effective business-school partnerships that create opportunities for Ohio’s students to have workplace experiences and earn credentials, engage with mentors, and learn skills and technical competencies they can use in their career journeys.

Education. SuccessBound communities cultivate lifelong learning through career exploration so students enter postsecondary education, the military or their careers with even greater purpose.

Experience. Skill. SuccessBound communities prepare students for the unknown jobs of the future, not the past. These jobs will be technology-intensive and require some level of technological knowledge and skill. Students leave high school with the skills, tools, credentials and education they need to earn sustainable wages while pursuing their dreams.

Building a SuccessBound Community: Educator Toolkit

There is something for everyone in the Educators Toolkit. The resources are designed for all educators, regardless of grade level taught on the preK-16 continuum or level of experience with this type of work.


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