It is never too early to get started on a career pathway!

Education. Qualifications. Experience. Pursuing a career requires all three, and Ohio’s SuccessBound initiative is designed to make sure students have access to the right education, relevant skills and work experiences to pave the way to their dream jobs.

SuccessBound partnerships address the community’s workforce development needs and offer educational opportunities to prepare students for their futures. Inspired by Ohio’s New Skills for Youth grant, SuccessBound encourages these partnerships, which link students to coursework, industry-recognized credentials and job experience to prepare them for the world of work and college.

SuccessBound communities establish partnerships between schools and businesses to create innovative programs to prepare students for in-demand jobs in their communities. Based on the local needs, SuccessBound communities are able to design targeted programs that unite the community around workforce development and prepare students for in-demand jobs.

View Victorious Jones’ story to learn more about Marion City Schools partnership with OhioHealth Marion General Hospital and Marion Technical College. This partnership serves as a model of the SuccessBound initiative and how it is helping students prepare for careers in the health care industry.

Building a SuccessBound Community: Families Toolkit

The Ohio Department of Education has prepared toolkits to help communities establish programs and partnerships. Download toolkit items today, and help your community become SuccessBound!


Last Modified: 5/13/2021 6:50:36 AM