Credit Flexibility Web Conference Series

The Ohio Department of Education hosts web conferences to provide information related to the local implementation of the Ohio Credit Flexibility Policy. The web conferences discuss released guidance from the department and connect participants with Ohio schools, districts, and organizations that are working through implementation of the policy.

Web Conferences

Credit Flexibility for School Counselors and Administrators

Join the online Community of Practice

Developing a Student Credit Flex Plan

Role of School Counselors

Teacher of Record

Third-party Providers

Test Out Development and Implementation

Engaging Families and Community in Credit Flexibility

Communicate Effectively Your District’s Credit Flexibility Policy

Credit Flexibility Focus on Physical Education, Career Technology Education and Foreign Languages

Credit Flexibility Live Chat

Credit Flexibility Considerations for School Counselors

Teacher-led Credit Flex Initiatives Using Technology

Assessment Tips – Demonstration-based and/or testing out

Developing Quality Student Credit Flex Plans

Mastery-based Assessment Models

School Finance and Credit Flexibility

Credit Flexibility and Gifted and Special Education

Credit Flexibility and Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements

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