Private Schools

Ohio has two types of nonpublic (private) schools. One type is a Chartered Nonpublic School and the other is a Non-Chartered, Non-Tax Supported School.  The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) charters schools on behalf of the State Board of Education; whereas other states may accredit their schools.  Although chartered schools must report and submit many documents to the agency, please note that ODE does not maintain student records or transcripts for any students in OhioSuch documents are retained locally at either the school or the local school district where the school was located.

Chartered nonpublic schools are private schools that have provided evidence of adherence to the Operating Standards for Ohio Schools and are therefore officially chartered by the State Board of Education.  These schools can choose to offer a religious-based curriculum.  Credits and diplomas from such schools must be recognized by other Ohio chartered schools (both public and nonpublic).

Non-chartered non-tax supported schools (NCNT) are those that, because of truly held religious beliefs, choose to not be chartered by the State Board of Education.  Such schools are required to file a report with the Ohio Department of Education annually. A list of NCNT schools are available to review on our website at:  NCNT Information. The Ohio Department of Education does not have legal authority to regulate the curriculum taught in non-chartered schools. 

How to Become a Chartered Nonpublic School

Find out the process to become a chartered nonpublic school

 How to Become a Non-Chartered/Non-Tax School (NCNT)

Find out more information on NCNT schools

Forms and Program Information

Find documents needed for nonpublic chartered schools

How can I find an individual school building

A directory of both public and nonpublic (private) schools that are chartered can be found by navigating to the Ohio Educational School Directory (OEDS).  Please narrow your search as much as possible for best results. If the school you are searching for has no results, this means the school is NOT chartered by the Ohio Department of Education or the State Board of Education. 

Private School Scholarships

State funded scholarships are available for many Ohio students

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