Nonpublic Schools Program Information and Forms

This page contains miscellaneous guidelines, forms, training courses and data tools to assist nonpublic school administrators with the performance of their daily duties and with finance related reporting.

State ADM

The State ADM to be reported is the average enrollment of all the days in session during the week of Oct. 2-6, 2023. Nonpublic schools delivering instruction through synchronous and/or asynchronous learning opportunities may include such students in ADM as long as evidence of attendance is maintained. If a nonpublic school is in session only one day during the week of Oct. 2-6, contact your area coordinator to determine what days should be used to determine the school’s average enrollment. The State ADM application will open on Oct. 2, 2023. The State ADM application closes on Oct. 31, 2023. 

Administrative Cost Reimbursement Program

Annual reimbursement is provided to chartered nonpublic schools for the actual mandated service administrative and clerical costs incurred by such school during the preceding school year. 

For funding reports, please click here.

Auxiliary Services   

The Auxiliary Services Program is authorized under 3317.06, 3317.062 and 3317.024 of the Ohio Revised Code. 

Optional Forms 

Public districts and nonpublic schools may substitute their own forms that meet the requirements set forth by the Auxiliary Service Guidelines.

Final Expenditure Report

Public school districts and nonpublic schools receiving direct payment are required to submit a final expenditure report (FER) on an annual basis. 

Election or Rescission for direct payment

As a result of changes to Ohio Revised Code 3317.024, a chartered nonpublic school is authorized to receive auxiliary service funds 1) directly or 2) through the public district where the school is located. To elect to receive a direct payment, a chartered nonpublic school must complete, sign, and return the affidavit to the Department of Education no later than April 1, 2025 (“Deadline Date”). A chartered nonpublic school may rescind its previous, or current, election to receive direct payment by completing, signing, and returning the notice of rescission form to the Department by Deadline Date. If no election is received by the Department on or before the Deadline Date, the prior election or arrangement will remain in effect.
  • Affidavit (Election for Direct Payment) - available January 2025
  • Notice of Rescission - available January 2025

For funding reports, please click here.

Mobile Units Funds

Funds are available for the repair and/or relocation or replacement of Auxiliary Service mobile units, early retirement incentive and severance, and unemployment compensation reimbursement upon demonstration of need and approval from the Department of Education.

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