College and Career Readiness Tests

One of the pathways that students may use to meet the test requirement for graduation is a college and career readiness test. The two tests that meet this pathway are the ACT and SAT. Colleges and universities use the ACT and SAT to determine student readiness for the rigors of higher education. These institutions generally expect that students who earn "remediation-free" scores will be able to succeed in their college courses.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education works with Ohio universities to set the remediation-free scores for the ACT and SAT. Periodically, for a variety of reasons, these scores may be adjusted. State law requires the Ohio Department of Education to use the ACT and SAT remediation-free scores to meet the graduation requirements of the college and career readiness test pathway.

The Ohio Department of Education will communicate the remediation-free scores needed to meet the graduation requirement in spring of the students’ junior (grade 11) year before they take the state-sponsored test. For all high school juniors, the remediation-free scores set by Feb. 1 of their junior year will be used to meet their graduation requirement. Any changes after Feb. 1 each year will affect only future groups of students.

Students must earn “remediation-free” scores in each of the three subscore areas, two in English language arts and one in mathematics.

What are the remediation-free scores? 




MARCH 1, 2016

English Language Arts English subscore of 18 (or higher) Writing 430
(or higher)
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) 480 (or higher)
Entered high school prior to July 1, 2014, reading subscore of 21 (or higher) Reading 450
(or higher)
Entered high school after July 1, 2014, reading subscore of 22 (or higher)
Mathematics Mathematics subscore of 22
(or higher)
Mathematics 520
(or higher)
Mathematics 530
(or higher)

Each student may use the highest score in each subscore from multiple administrations of a test to meet the student’s graduation requirement pathway. This would include the state-funded administration, which all Ohio students will take in the spring of their junior year and additional attempts that students take and fund through non-state resources during their academic careers.

Students who meet the remediation-free scores in all three subscore areas under a single test will meet the requirements for graduation under this pathway. These students will receive Ohio diplomas upon completion of the curriculum requirements.

As part of the state and federal reporting requirements, districts are required to submit student scores for the following state end-of-course tests: geometry or math II, English language arts II, biology, American history and American government. Therefore, districts do need to administer these tests to all students.

Statewide Administration

Districts will select either the ACT or SAT to administer each school year. Here is more information about the state-funded administration of ACT and SAT.

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