Innovative Workforce Incentive Program

Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted partnered with the General Assembly to create the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program, which is supported by a $34 million investment over the next two years. The program seeks to increase the number of high school students who earn industry-recognized credentials in priority industry sectors. It offers schools additional dollars when students earn eligible credentials and implementation dollars to aid in establishing these programs.

Implementation Grants

House Bill 110 also includes $4.5 million in both Fiscal Year 2021 and Fiscal Year 2022 to help school districts implement the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program by establishing qualifying credentialing programs. The grant opportunity prioritizes credentialing programs aligned to priority industry sectors. 

In order to develop and implement quality credentialing programs aligned to priority industry sectors, schools must invest in resources such as equipment, instructional materials, facilities and operational costs.

Incentive Payments

House Bill 110 includes $12.5 million in both Fiscal Year 2021 and Fiscal Year 2022 to incentivize school districts to implement the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program. School districts will receive $1,250 for each qualifying credential earned by students.

To receive incentive payments, districts must report students as earning qualifying industry-recognized credentials to the Ohio Department of Education. Find more information on reporting here (visit sections 2.8 - Student Assessment Record and 2.8.1 - Assessment Area Codes). 

Qualifying Industry-Recognized Credentials:

qualifying industry-recognized credentials
for the 2023-2024 school year

Benefits of Earning Industry-Recognized Credentials

Industry-recognized credentials are an important way of ensuring high school inspires students to identify paths to future success and gives students multiple ways to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for graduation and beyond.

Schools receive credit in the Prepared for Success measure on the Ohio School Report Cards for students who earn 12 points of approved industry-recognized credentials or groups of credentials from the Department's list.

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