Senior Only Credential Program for Students

High School Seniors!

Boost your earning power when you graduate from high school with an industry-recognized credential.

A credential makes you marketable for in-demand jobs in Ohio for: 

Computer Programmer
Average Salary: $71,648
CompTIA A+ certification – Information Technology

Graphic Designer
Average Salary: $43,066
Adobe Certifications – Arts and Communications 

Medical Technician

Medical Technician
Average Salary: $31,512
Certified Coding Specialist - Health

Security Guard
Average Salary: $25,438
Private Security Certification – Law and Public Safety

Preschool Teacher
Average Salary: $23,816
Child Development Associate – Education and Training


The Senior Only Credential Program (en Español) is for students in their senior year who have completed most of their curriculum requirements. An industry-credential can be part of your path to graduation.

Talk to your school counselor

about the Senior Only program in your high school. 

There are other credentials that you can earn in one year in these career fields

Search credentials list below and look for the () that identifies those you can earn in one school year. Each credential links to the credentialing organization for more information on how you can earn that credential.

Agriculture and Environmental Systems Agriculture/Environmental Systems
Arts and Communications Arts and Communications
Business and Finance Business and Finance
Construction Construction
Education and Training Education and Training
Engineering Engineering
Health Health
Information Technology Information Technology
Law and Public Safety Law and Public Safety
Manufacturing Manufacturing

Districts and schools interested in offering a Senior Only program will find more information here.

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