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Every school must be provided the services of a principal.


Each board must adopt procedures for the evaluation of its superintendent and shall evaluate its superintendent in accordance with those procedures. The superintendent shall be the executive officer for the board. The superintendent must direct and assign teachers and other employees of the district or service center. The superintendent must assign the pupils to the proper schools and grades, provided that the assignment of a pupil to a school outside of the pupil’s district of residence is approved by the board of the district of residence of such pupil. The superintendent may excuse a child over 14 years of age from attendance for a future limited period for performing necessary work directly and exclusively for the child’s parents or legal guardians. The superintendent is responsible for withdrawal or habitual absence of the child from school. The superintendent approves the Credit Flexibility Plans and Blended Learning opportunities for each student proposing such learning options. The superintendent acknowledges the proper notification for the home education option.

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Ohio Revised Code / Ohio Administrative Code


3301-35-05 (A) (4) Services of a principal
3319.01 - 3319.99 Superintendents, teachers and employees
3319.02 Assistant superintendents and other administrators


Superintendent of an educational service center - appointment and duties


Duties of teacher and superintendent upon withdrawal or habitual absences of child from school
3301-69-02 Excuses from school attendance
3331.02 Issuance of certification


Part-time schools or classes

3319.313 Information concerning improper conduct by licensed employee
3301-34-03 Home education notification


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