3.1 Purpose

Schools and districts use diagnostic and assessment data to determine the learning needs for students. The assessment data demonstrates the need for a student to receive supportive or enrichment activities. The school personnel use the data to discover the strength or need for change of the instructional materials and programs.

Each school district and chartered nonpublic school must adopt an assessment system that aligns to their coursework and includes regular assessments of student performance; supports students at-risk of failure; meets the guidance implementing Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA); qualifies students for graduation, promotions or special programs; and informs parents and students of academic progress. The assessment system must include professional development to support the effectiveness of staff using the assessment results. College preparation and national standardized assessments are included to go beyond the statewide assessments in measuring student progress.

Ohio Revised Code / Ohio Administrative Code


3313.608 Third Grade Reading Guarantee
3313.61 Diploma and honors diploma
3313.614 Testing requirements for graduation
3313.612 Graduation Testing Requirements for nonpublic schools
3313.615 Alternative for diploma under Ohio Graduation Test
3313.618 Three options for diploma for Class of 2018 and beyond
3313.619 Alternative test for diploma for nonpublic schools
3313.6012 Academic prevention/intervention services
3301.0711 Administration and grading of assessments
3301.0715 Diagnostic assessments
3326.23 Annual assurances of schools to department


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