1 Curriculum


A curriculum is the planned content, materials, resources and activities used to meet educational objectives for students. The curriculum focus in the school or school district must be K-12 or grade-appropriate. The goal is to meet the needs of each student and the needs of the community.  

Schools and school districts must develop a plan or course of study for each subject. It must have key components that meet the needs of all kinds of learners. Each subject course of study also must include a regular review process to ensure it is relevant to the community. Each local school board must adopt all curriculum for its district based on the subjects required by the state. Revisions to courses of study must be regular and deliberate.

The list of curriculum required by 3313.60 of the Ohio Revised Code and 3301-35-04(B) of the Ohio Administrative Code and guided by Ohio's Learning StandardsCareer-Technical Standards, Civics Standards and other learning standards such as International Baccalaureate for high performing students. Grades 9-12 students must complete the required curriculum to meet graduation requirements.

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