1.1 Prescribed Curriculum


The local school board approves a curriculum for all schools under its control. This curriculum must include the following subjects.

In addition, the following curricula also are required.

State Board of Education Adopted Standards:

The following state standards set expectations for what different kinds of learners must know and be able to do in the subjects listed above.

Other Standards:

Links to Coursework-Related Statutes and Rules

Ohio Revised Code

Ohio Administrative Code


3301.07(D)(2) State board of education - powers and duties.
3301.079 Academic content standards and model curriculum
3313.60 Prescribed curriculum
3301-35-04(B)(2) Schools and districts provide for study
3313.602 Integrated civics, principles of democracy and ethics
3313.603 Graduation requirements
3313.642 Materials for course of instruction
3301.077 Adoption of reading competencies
3319.24 Coursework in teaching, reading and phonics required for certain provisional licensure applicants
3301-33-01 Rules for phonics
3301.07(M) State board of education-powers and duties; Minimum standards using phonics for teaching reading


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