8 Education Service Providers

The local board of education is responsible for the scope and type of educational services in the district. The district employs educational service personnel to enhance the learning opportunities of all students. Educational service personnel are specially qualified individuals who possess the knowledge, skills and expertise to support the educational, instructional, health, mental health and college and career readiness needs of students. All educational service personnel must hold appropriate qualifications, including applicable special teaching certificates, multi-age licensure or specific licensure in the areas to which they are assigned. 

Student support services assist students' progress toward educational achievement goals. These include goals in Ohio law, all applicable federal laws and locally developed course objectives. Services may include screening, assessment, interventions, student progress monitoring, counseling and consultation. Students need access to library media and information technology programs designed to support student achievement.

Instructional materials and equipment, including library media materials, technology and other student support services shall:

  • Support the school district's vision, mission, educational goals and strategic plan;
  • Promote skills expected under Ohio's Learning Standards;
  • Support the objectives specified in the course of study and the learning needs of students;
  • Be current; and
  • Be selected according to adopted policies and with the involvement of credentialed staff.

Ohio graduation requirements specify five units of electives that could include fine arts courses. Students may earn two semesters of fine arts in grades 9-12 for graduation. Districts may also offer fine arts courses in grades 7 and 8 for graduation credit if it is aligned to the high school courses of study. Elementary students need access to music and art education. physical education assessments for K-12 students are posted on the district Local Report Card. Students need access to regular physical education classes in each district building.

Education Service Personnel

  • Educational service personnel that support educational, instructional and college and career readiness programs include, but are not limited to: elementary fine arts, music, and physical education teachers, librarian or media specialists, school counselors and reading intervention specialists;
  • Educational service personnel that support the learning needs of the special needs student population include, but are not limited to: gifted intervention specialists, adapted physical education teachers, audiologists, interpreters, speech-language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists and English as a second language specialists; and
  • Educational service personnel that support the health and mental health of the student population include, but are not limited to: the school nurse, social worker, school psychologist and school resource officer.

Links to Educational Service Personnel Statute and Rule

Ohio Revised Code / Ohio Administrative Code


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3301-35-05 (A)(3) Educational service personnel
3319.221 School nurse and school nurse wellness coordinator
3302.032 Measure of student success in meeting physical education benchmarks 
3319.222 Effect on certificates
3107.014 Qualifications of assessors
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