5 Evaluations

Credentialed staff shall be evaluated. Evaluation systems shall align with state models and the Ohio educator standards.

Classified staff shall be evaluated at regular intervals. Evaluation results shall be discussed with the classified staff in evaluation conferences.

Teacher and Principal Evaluation Systems

Statute and Rule Links

Ohio Revised Code / Ohio Administrative Code


3319.02 Assistant Superintendents and other Administrators
3319.111 Applicability of section; evaluating teachers on limited contracts
3319.112 Standards-based state framework for the evaluation of teachers
3319.113 Standards-based state framework for evaluation of school counselors
3319.114 Alternative framework for teacher evaluation
3301-35-05 (A)(5) Credentialed staff evaluation
3301-35-05 (A)(6) Classified staff evaluation
3319.11 Continuing service status - limited contract - notice of intent not to re-employ
3319.313 Information concerning improper conduct by licensed employee


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