4 Licensure

Ohio's operating standards state that each staff member must hold the appropriate credentials for his or her assigned position. Copies of credentials for each staff must be on file in the school district's administrative office. 

More Information Related to Licensure

Links to Educator Licensure Statutes and Rules

Ohio Revised Code / Ohio Administrative Code


3301-24-05 Licensure
3301.071 Standards for teacher certification in non tax-supported and non-chartered supported schools
3301-24-06 to 3301-24-08 Professional development, provisional license renewal (being rescinded); professional or associate license renewal
3301-25 Educational aide permits
3301-35-09(A)(2)(b) Chartered nonpublic schools; hiring
3301-27 Pupil activity program
3319.074 Professional qualifications of teachers
3319.22 Standards and requirements for educator licenses-local professional development committees
3319.222 Effect on certificates issued before change in law
3319.223 Ohio teacher residency program
3319.227 Licenses for Teach for America program participants
3319.31 Refusal to issue, suspension, revocation or limitations of license



Appropriate credentials

3319.01 - 3319.19 Superintendents, teachers and employees
3319.26 Alternative Educator Licenses
3319.291 Fingerprints and authorization to forward to BCI
3319.303 Pupil activity
3319.31 Refusal to issue, suspension, revocation or limitations of license
3319.392 Criminal records check of private contract employee



Criminal records

Standards for employment of individuals with criminal convictions

3319.24 Coursework in teaching reading and phonics required for certain initial provisional license applications


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